folding restroom for manholes for men
I open a wing and fit it in a manhole.



  • Because it is waterproofing,I can wash in water.
  • Because they heat-welding-treat,water and the garbage are not in the end face of the plastic corrugated cordboard of the pedestal.
  • I can easily assemble it.It is easily foldable at the time of disuse and can recieve it.
  • Lightweight.(Carrying around is convenient.)
  • With PP resin(polypropylene),I cam send all it on the same recycling processing.


Method of application usage

① I open the wing of the toilet stool,and,please fit it in a manhole well.
② Please drop a small availability bag from the top.
③ Please urinate in a bag for urine.
④ When not in use,I remove a small availability bag,and,please keep it by folding.


Completion L 22 × W 22 × H 90cm
Folding demensions L 90 × W 41 × H 2cm
Opening demensions L 30 × W 20 × H 20cm
Manhole hole demensions 30cm in diameter business.
Material toilet seat : PP resin(polypropylene.)
Weight 900g

Matters that require attention in use

・High temperature bottom(more than 80 degrees centigrade) please do not use it side of the fire.
・Please use it on the occasion of use by all means at a flat place.
・I fit in a manhole well,and,please use it.
・I might fall down at the time of urine when I do not fit it well.
・When a crack occurred on the coner part of the toilet seat please do not use it.
・When you open a toilet stool,prevent you from sandwiching the finger.
・The urinary cyst prevent it from touching a shap thing.