Security box
I help the safekeeping of your important thing at a disaster refuge.



  • It is easily assembled at the small place and is assembled in woman one in 30 seconds at assembling time.

  • The folding time ia 30 seconds with one woman, too.

  • I can easily assemble it.
    It is easily foldable at the time of disuse and can keep it in small space.

  • Lightweight.(Carrying around is simple)

  • Because it is plastic material, floor gets wet and is available in the damp place.

  • Because it is soecifications of plastic, I can wipe it with water.

  • If disuse, recycling processing is possible.

Assembling procedure

  1. I open a cover.
  2. I extend one side panel by force to the outside.
  3. I extend another side panel by force to the outside.
  4. I close the cap and lock it.



Completion L 55 × W 35 × H 28cm
Folding dimensions L 55 × W 35 × H 10cm
Inner dimensions L 50 × W 30 × H 25cm
Material Plastic (PP・PE)
Weight 1.6kg

Matters that require attentions in use

  • High temperature bottom(more than 80 degrees contigrate),please do not use it side of the fire.
  • Please do not ride a heavy thing on a cover.
  • I get on on a cover,and,please do not jamp up and down.
  • Please use it on the occasions of use by all means at a flat place.
  • Contents might be pulled out when cut deep with a panel with a sharp knife.
  • This product does not have the theft,fireproof performance-proof.
  • A place of the dispatch is sorry,but it takes approximately ten days to sending it because it is build-to-order manufacturing.