Temporarity folding bed
It is easily assembled in refuge and temporary housing.



  • I can easily do it at the small place and am completion in woman one in one minute at assembling time.
  • The storing is possible in woman one in one minute,too.
  • I can easily assemble it.It is easily foldable at the time of disuse and can receive it.
  • Lightweight.Carrying around is simple. ・Because it is plastic material,floor gets wet and is available in the damp place.
  • Height is 25cm and softens the inconvenient one of legs and the trouble that the eldery sit down,and stand up.
  • Because it is specifications of plastic,I can wipe it with water.
  • If disuse,I separate it to aluminum and plastic,and recycling processing is possible.

Assembling procedure

  1. I open an upper part lid.
  2. I open a divider and fix it in masic tape.
  3. I take out a partition and I open by one and fit it in the bottom.
  4. I open a folding seat and put it on a partition of partition.
  5. On finished “OLINE”,please use the your other futon,blanket.



Completion L 180 × W 90 × H 25cm
Folding demensions L 90 × W 90 × H 25cm
Material Plastic (PP・PE)
Joining method Aluminium rivet
Weight 12kg
Compressive strength of the whole bed 250kg/f

Matters that require attention in use

  • High temperature bottom(more than 80 degrees centigrade) please do not use it side of the fire.
  • Please do not jump up and down on a bed.
  • Please use it on the occasion of use by ball means at a flat place.
  • Please do not do use and the safekeeping at a place getting direct rays of the sun.
  • A mattress,a pillow,the upper-futon are not included in a product.
  • A place of the dispatch is sorry,but it takes ten days to sending it because it is build-to-order manufucturing.