Simple locker room made by folding plastic
A refuse and the otudoors,it is easily assemble.



  • I can easily install it to follow the privacy such as the changes of clothes at the refuse.

  • I can easily assemble it. I can easily fold it at the time of disuse.

  • Lightweight.(Carrying around is simple.)

  • Because it is plastic material,floor gets wet and is available in the damp place.

  • If height covers with a cover at 1,9m,I can follow the privacy at the refuse.

  • It may not be spurted for wind outdoors if I use a your other block,a water trank,a sandbag together.

  • Because it is specifications of plastic,I can wipe it with water. If disuse, I separate it to aluminium and plastic,and recycling processing is possible.

Assembling procedure

  1. I widen a river drift stand and install it.
  2. I open a locker room sleeve and pour it over.
  3. I cover wiyh a cover froom the top.
  4. I open a door and close the cap with masic tape from inside and fix a bottom with a locker room.



Completion W 1.1m × L 1.1m × H 1.9m
Folding dimensions (cover botom) W 1.1m × L 1.1m × H 10cm
Folding dimensions (sleeve) W 1m × L 1.9m × H 8cm
Material Plastic (PP・PE)
Weight 17kg

Matters that require attentions in use

  • High teeperature bottom(more than 80 degrees contigrade),please do not use it side of the fire.
  • Please do not do use and safekeeping at place getting direct rays of the sun.
  • Please use it on the occasion of use by all means at a flat place.