Locker room made by the folding plastic with the proofing function.
A function is with soundproofing and is easily assembled at a refuge and the home.



  • Because a soundproofing function is with it,it is most suitable for the one that sensitive to a sound.
  • The LED light with the sensor function is on in the room.
  • I can easily install it to follow the privacy including the change of clothes at a refuge.
  • I can easily assemble it. I can easily fold it at the time of disuse.
  • Lightweight (Carrying around is simple)
  • I can lock the door from the inside.
  • I can fix a cover,the bottom in strong magic tape from the inside.
  • Because it is plastic material,floor gets wet and can use it in the damp place.
  • If height covers with a cover at 1.9 meters, I can follow the privacy at the refuge.
  • Because it is specifications of plastic,I can wipe it with water.
  • Recycling processing is made plastic if I become needless.

Assembling procedure

① I open a locker room sleeve.
② I drop a tray into the base of the locker room sleeve.
③ I cover with a cover from the top.
④ I open a door and fix a cap with a locker room sleeve in magic tape from the inside.

For emergency

You may reserve this for emergency supplies.


Completion dimensions Breadth 1.1m × Length 1.1m × Height 1.9m
Folding dimensions
Breadth 1.1m × Length 1.1m × Height 16cm
Folding dimensions
(Shaft sleeve)
Breadth 1m × Height 1.9m × Thickness 11cm
Quality of material Plastic (PP・PE・Polyfoam)
Weightless Bottle cap : 2.5kg / Shaft sleeve : 1.7kg / Tray : 2.5kg / Aggregate : 22kg

Soundproofing performance

・Place : Maizuru Natl.coll.of Technology.
・Date: From September 21,2017 to October 20.
・️Experiment description
  1. I locate a dodecahedron speaker in a box and produce the noise called the white noise from there.
  2. I locate a sound-level meter in the box inside and the box outside each and measure noise level.
  3. I camp are the result of a measurement in the case without a lining when I perform inner tension of an urethane sheet in a box.
The test result folded it,and 74.2dB became outside(from the door 1m)55.0dB in the inside of the locker room.

AIM of the volume of noise

Near the jet engine.
Near the engine of the airplane./ At the time of the acceleration of the motorcycle.
110dB Horn(front 2m)of the car./ I hit the rivet.
100dB Bottom of the guard when a train goes./ Railroad underpass.
90dB Cry of dog(front 5m)/ In a noisy factory./ Karaoke(the seat center in the shop).
80dB The inside of car of the subway. The electric inside of car that is running./ Piano (front 1m)/ Siren(most recent)of the ambulance.
70dB The automatic inside of car that is running an expressway./ In a noisy office./ Chirping of cicada(most recent).
60dB Quiet car./ Nomal conversation.
50dB Quiet office./ Outdoor unit(most recent)of the home air-conditioner.
40dB The middle of the night in the city./ Library./ Noon of a quiet house.
30dB The suburban middle of the night./ Whispered voice./ The sickroom./ Sound of dead leaves.
20dB The sound that I mention of the leaf./ Sound(front 1m)of the second hand of the table clock.
10dB Respiratory murmur.
0dB Inaudible.

Cautions when using

Attenuation in the volume of the sound differs by the situation.
Sound vary from person to person, so please be careful when using.
Please do not use in high temperatures(more than 80℃) or near the fire.
Please use this on the flat surface.