Simple restroom for folding carring
It is made-to-order and takes order from one.



  • hanaori_toku1Because it is waterproofing,I can wash in water.
  • Because they heat-welding-treat,water and the garbage are not in the end face of the plastic corrugated cardboard of the pedestal.
  • I can easily assemble it.It is easily foldable at the time of disuse and can receive it.
  • Lightweight.(Carrying around is convinient.)
  • With PP resin(polypropylene),I can send all it on the same recycling processing.

Method of application usage

  1. I open a pedestal and attach a no -common use bag.
  2. On a pedestal,I fit the outside of the toilet seat in the pedestal.
  3. It is the completion of the simple restroom if I open a toilet seat.


Complention L 45 × W 38 × H 32cm
Folding demensions L 38 × W 31 × H 12cm
Hole dimensions L 28 × W 20cm
Material toilet seat, pedestal : PP resin(polypropylene)
Weight 1.1kg
Speifications withstand pressure load 1500kg/f

Matters that require attention in the use

  • High temperature bottom(more than 80 drgrees centigrade) please do not use it in side of the fire.
  • Please use it on the occasion of use by all means at a flat space.
  • Please sit down slow as possible. A pedestal might be broken when I strongly sit with a slant and bump.
  • When a crack occurred on the coner part of the pedestal,please do not use it.
  • When you open a pedestal,prevent you from sandwiching the finger.
  • Flight bag prevent it from touching a sharp thing.
  • The antibacterial coagulating agent is not edible.
  • If I use a flight bag to the toilet seat and hang an antibacterial coagulating agent after a bowel movement,it can process it as burning garbage afterward.
  • When there is an abnormality in a flight,urine,it may be hard to harden.

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