The assembling is simple,too and can easily install it in disaster prevention, to reduce a disaster.



  • It is a sandbag safekeeping box to reduce disaster prevention, a disaster of submergence, the inundation caused by the heavy rain.

  • The panel has a thickness of 12mm with plastic corrugrated cardboard and is storing in a shock.

  • A cover,the bottom has a thickness of 7mm with high plastic corrugated cardboard on.

  • Because there is sky tension made by aluminium, there is no bend of the cover.

  • There is a PP belt of the 50mm width in both sides.

  • 100 saandbags of 10kg are included in type 110.

  • 50 sandbags of 10kg are included in type 74.

Assembling procedure

  1. I take off a cover.
  2. I take out a frame(four pieces).
  3. I put two pieces of panels with long prop.
  4. I insert a panel with short prop from the top.
  5. I insert a neighboring panel each other.
  6. One piece of the remainder comes in equally,too.
  7. I put a sandbag.
  8. I coner with a cover and I fix it in masic tape and am completion.



type Type 110 Type 74
Completion dimensions W 1.1 × L 1.1 × H 1.1m W 1.1 × L 1.1 × H 0.74m
Folding dimensions W 1.1 × L 1.1 × H 0.26m
Material Plastic(PP・PE) + aluminium
Weight 65kg 50kg


Matters that require attentions in use

  • High temperature bottom(more than 80 degrees contigrate), please do not use it side of the fire.
  • Please use it on the occasion of use by all means at a flat place.
  • A cover,a panel,a bottom may deteriorate for a long term when it becomes the use.
  • In that case,I change the parts which deteriorated.(But it becomes charged.)